Highlander Cycle Tour
Highlander Cycle Tour
Highlander Cycle Tour


Suggested group start 7am, estimated ride time 8-9 hours.

You've survived California's Deathride and the World's Toughest Century. You've had a Triple Bypass in Colorado and Whimpered your way through Virginia's Mountains of Misery, but can you complete the King of the East, the retooled Highlander Double Metric Century, aka Death B4 Dismount?

Many of you asked for a greater challenge in the Highlander Tour. Here it is. Promising to open up a can on all riders willing to tackle it, the DB4D ride brings it all. We think this may be the toughest ride on the planet with its rollercoaster, wicked steeps effect. While staying true to its beginnings and core, this year you’ll see some terrain the Highlander has never been to. You’ll climb some new monsters and visit some familiar old friends. You’ll pass multiple vineyards and lakes and wish you could stop for a long while. With 126 miles and 10,000 feet of climb on grades up to 23%, the DB4D promises to be the ride challenge of your life.

Open and print the PDF route map and cue sheet to bring with you. We will have only a limited number of maps available at registration, so it is important that you bring your own copies. Because of changing road conditions the routes may be changed, so check the week before the event for any map updates.

The map combines all three challenging Highlander Tours: The full DB4D is indicated by the solid route line. The 100 mile cut is indicated by the dotted line. Also shown on the map is the Quads Hilla Thrilla indicated by the dashed line where it deviates from the DB4D.

If you ride with a GPS unit, you can download the route to your GPS and can ride without fussing with maps or cue sheets. Go to this Bike Route Toaster site and follow the directions for downloading the gpx file. Another useful Bike Route Toaster feature is a Google Earth KML route document that you can use to do a virtual tour.

If the DB4D is not a sufficient challenge try the Highathlon which combines the Highlander ride with a marathon run the next day.

Up to the challenge? Then go to REGISTRATION page.

Road Conditions
Due to construction on Belknap the road will be closed so the route will turn on Armstrong Rd to Itally Hill Rd. So make those changes on your copy of the map. Bopple Hill and Gannett Hill Rds were chip sealed September 1. The optimists on the team are waiting until Friday to decide if Bopple and Gannett are not rideable. So check at registration for changes.

DB4D Elevation Profile


"I've done one thing tougher so far in life and that was taking lead down range in Iraq." - Sgt Chris Edgerton, USAF

"I rode the 6-Gap Century in Georgia in 2005.  The Highlander was more demanding." - Mike Corcimiglia, Rochester, NY

"I've done the assault on Mt. Mitchell, and this was way tougher." - John Price from NC

"...My sadistic Russian coach could take a lesson from you guys." - Member of US nat'l rowing team from GA

"Calling this ride a tour is like calling a canoe trip over Niagara Falls doing some whitewater." - John Swart, St. Catherines, Ontario, CA

Riders climbing up Bopple Hill

Highlander Aerial View 1

Highlander Aerial View2

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DB4D Tour Description.

The DB4D, the Tour’s marquee double metric century event, has been significantly rerouted for 2010. The initial portion follows the classic Bristol Hills - Canandaigua Lake route is followed by a new route east and featuring another scenic Finger Lake, Keuka. Thus the DB4D explores the lake shores of both Canandaigua and Keuka as well as multiple towns and cols in between. Early on you’ll meet the new and wicked triplet, sandwiched between Le Alpe de Bopple and Col de Gannett is a climb to the top of Stid Hill. Bienvenue to Beaucoup Bills! Magnifique indeed. You’ll also climb to new heights on Bourg d’Bully Hill, St. Skyline and Yves de Yoder. You also will be treated to a Keuka lakeside ride followed by a climb up to the scenic Skyline Drive. For those wishing to ride the traditional 100 mile century, after the climb up Bully Hill and a rest at the Bully Hill Vineyard, instead of going down Itally Hill Rd to Branchport You'll turn west, bypassing the Keuka Lake loop. On the course map the 100 mile cut is indicated by the dotted line.

The course has seven rest stops, at Bristol Harbor CC, in Gannett Park, in Prattsburg, at Bully Hill Vineyards, in Keuka Lake State Park, in Itally Valley and the scenic view stop on Co Rd 12. They are spaced about 25 miles or less apart, stocked with drinks and quick food. The route will be marked with yellow chevrons on the pavement and in places where DB4D and the QHT (also marked with yellow chevrons) courses separate the DB4D route will be marked with an "D". The course will be patrolled by a SAG wagon to help out in case of flats, mechanical problems, etc..

The aerial images on the left are of the DB4D course from Google Earth. Click on the images to enlarge. If you go to this Bike Route Toaster link and download the Google Earth KML document that you can examine the route in more detail or use it to do a virtual tour.

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